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Heli-Vacations &


Specially curated Heli-Vacation packages which lets you spend maximum time on your vacation and almost no time in your travel! Bid adieu to the long winding and rickety roads and fly in style to your vacation.

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Evolve Back Resorts

Helicopter Services to Evolve Back Resorts in Kabini, Coorg and Hampi are provided by the company. The helipads are either inside the property (Coorg and Kabini) or in close proximity (Hampi). For best package costs to any of these destinations, please reach out to our customer care number.

The Serai Resorts

Helicopter services are available for the Serai Resorts in Chikmagaluru and Kabini.

Java Rain Resorts

Helicopter services are available to Java Rain Resorts Chikmagaluru

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We are an aviation company into the business of buying/Leasing helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts for non scheduled air transport operations